Complete Food & Beverage Linen Service

Whether it be a chic coffee bar, a quaint pastry café or an upscale bar when table linens are used the atmosphere is  more elegant. Order an espresso or a cocktail and take note of the beverage linen service. Establishments with linen service also have an eye for quality and want to provide stellar customer service.

Quality is important to customers. The immaculate tablecloths and napkins at each table, the crisp, clean aprons of the wait-staff must be fresh and ready to go at all times. In addition, the assortment of towels in use behind the counter impacts the load of linen produced daily. The ever revolving, subtle flow of linen service each day is a job.

food and beverage commerical laundry serviceQuality Guest Linen offers a broad range of services to cover tabletop, napkins, aprons, and kitchen/bar towels typically considered beverage linen services. We realize your beverage linen service is an important component of your business success. Therefore. our goal is to provide seamless customer service to ensure your establishment looks good from all aspects. The overall quality and ambiance of the establishment is at stake if there is a spot on an otherwise clean table cloth or a waiter’s apron is smudged.

We can help you eliminate these embarrassing moments. Linen napkins and other products used by the public must meet certain hygiene standards. We enforce a strict set of quality control guidelines to make sure the linen used by our clients exceeds industry levels.

We can also work with the in-house linen of clients or provide product rental programs. Quality Guest Linens is able to provide reliable and professional service catering to the needs of our clients. Customers will find we offer competitive pricing in the local market without any long-term contracts. We believe our service is our bond.