Healthcare & Medical

The expectations of a clean environment are extremely high for healthcare facilities.  Therefore, a quality medical laundry service is of vital importance. Healthcare and medical facilities use a large amount of bedding, towels, and table linens. Industry standards require strict guidelines for cleaning everything from patient gowns to bed linen.

In addition, a medical laundry service should provide clients with quality service and efficient turnaround time of items while supplying a superior product for use. Caring for and storing linen in-house can be a time-consuming task impacting the overall budget. An effective solution is a quality healthcare linen service. Quality Guest Linen provides personal, dedicated attention to service each account.

We offer clients options for linen rental, customer-owned goods and product purchasing to fit specific needs. Additionally the healthcare sector includes senior assisted-living facilities and hospitals along with food service. Linen utilized by the healthcare and medical industry must meet certain requirements to ensure safety. In addition, Quality Guest Linen handles a wide range of services to include cleaning specialty items like bedspreads, blankets and mattress pads.

It is our goal to provide excellent laundry service to healthcare and medical facilities. Once laundry service is handled, medical facilities can better focus their energies on patient care. Understanding the unique needs of clients is the hallmark of Quality Guest Linen Service. The company, based in Southwest Florida, is able to provide prompt service to ensure fresh linen is always available. We offer competitive pricing, seven-day-a week service, next day service and complimentary delivery.

Furthermore, Quality Guest Linen pays close attention to the details to ensure products are always in premium condition. The range of health facility linen for a senior assisted living facility includes bed linen, towels and table service linen.

We partner with our clients to help create a clean environment which promotes good health. It’s a part of our dedication to superior quality and service.



Relying on Quality Guest Linen to provide medical laundry service to your healthcare facility means everything remains local and returned promptly for use. Quality Guest Linen, based in Southwest Florida, has a state-of-the art facility in Fort Myers designed to handle a variety of services. Our professionally trained staff is able to assist healthcare and medical clients with laundry service to fit their needs. Whether daily service is required or several times a week, we will work to ensure quality linen service.

Quality Guest Linen is dedicated to superior quality and services. Looking to save time and money while providing linen that meets the highest standards? Give our team a call to obtain a linen service quote. Let us know how we can assist in providing quality medical laundry service to your healthcare or medical facility.