Spa & Salons

Spending a day at the spa or salon is a welcome treat for many looking to relax and refresh. Whether you enjoy spa services or a salon makeover, high quality towels, linens and robes help set a luxurious tone. Spas and salons both produce large volumes of linen on a daily basis. However keeping linen clean and ready for use can become a daunting task. A way to stay on top of the revolving pile of beauty towels at a hair studio is to consider contracting with a salon laundry service.

Hair salon guests have come to expect stylists to use thick, thirsty towels while handling their tresses. High quality beauty towels, able to withstand the rigorous of cleaning, are the best fit for a spa or salon. The use of a linen service will enhance the salon’s ability to keep fresh, well maintained towels in stock.

The plush towels and robes spa guests wrap up in during appointments adds opulence to the experience. Professional towel cleaning services like Quality Guest Linen are able to provide a variety of services to keep spa towels and robes in perfect condition.

Our Linen Services include:

  • 1-day turnaround service
  • Regular pickup and delivery
  • Catered laundry service
  • 7-day a week service
  • Expert laundry service
  • Product evaluation
  • Additional laundry services

Contracting with Quality Guest Linen will ensure that the daily towel laundry produced by the spa or salon is handled efficiently. Our professional staff will assist spas and salons find the best service level to fit their needs. We offer superior quality and services to help your business look good by the towels your guests use as a sign of excellence.

Quality Guest Linen will pick up and deliver spa and salon towels. Give our team a call to obtain a service quote. Let us know how we can assist in providing quality spa and salon laundry service.