Vacation Rental Linen Service

Guests arriving for a much anticipated vacation have a few things on the top of their minds. Spending time on the beach and enjoying the sun likely earns top billing for things to do while on vacation. Sleeping late, lounging by the pool or flocking on sandy beaches equates to relaxation and fun. An afterthought is usually the vacation rental linens in your accommodations for use in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s a beach house, a hotel room or a condo at a resort, the quality of linens make an immediate impression to guests. Guests expect to find crisp sheets on the bed and plush towels after a refreshing shower.

The crisp, clean sheets on the bed to the thick, plush towels after a refreshing shower are expected by your guests.

Taking care of all of that linen on a routine basis is a priority to ensure an excellent guest experience. Typically guests check in and out of their accommodations on Saturdays. Therefore vacation rental linens must be collected, cleaned and returned prior to the next guest arrives.

Are you an owner of a vacation rental home or manage rental properties? If the answer is yes, consider contracting for vacation rental linens. Quality Guest Linens can offer a variety of customized vacation rental linens packages to fit your needs.


The hallmark of Quality Guest Linen is superior service. We are located in Fort Myers and our professional staff serves the Southwest Florida region. The area is a top vacation destination so there is a demand for rental property linen services.

The bulk of vacation rental linens is bedding and towels. Quality Guest Linen provides expert care for vacation and hotel properties including fine linen and terry products.

In addition, Quality Guest Linen can handle specialty item cleaning for blankets, bedspreads and mattress covers.

Our facility in Fort Myers puts us in the hub of Southwest Florida’s vacation destinations including popular Sanibel and quaint Captiva islands along with the upscale area of Naples. Customers will find personal, dedicated service with Quality Guest Linen. We process vacation rental linens locally with pick-up and delivery service available.

Quality Guest Linens offers one day turnaround service seven days a week. So if you need daily pickup of vacation rental linen or several times per week is more adequate, we are able to meet your schedule.


Work with the staff of Quality Guest Linen to find the right rental property linens for your guests. The linens we work with can either be owned by the property or contracted through a lease agreement. However when presented to guests, the quality and cleanliness of each item will make a statement. For example having a stack of large, luxurious towels at your fingertips following a relaxing shower is a perfect vacation indulgence. The last thing you want your guests to be concerned with is the quality and cleanliness of the linen used during their stay.

southwest florida sanibel linen service

Guests using vacation rental linens will likely need to use plenty of beach towels for lounging poolside or while enjoying the sun and sand. When it comes to rental property linens, the amount on hand for use by guests may vary but Quality Guest Linen is able to customize a laundry cleaning schedule. While some properties may need a daily delivery of fresh linen, others may only require a new batch every two or three days.

Since the region is home to a variety of vacation properties, Quality Guest Linen is able to provide professional laundry service for rental home properties, along with resort linen service, hotel linen service and country club linen service.

Each service category typically uses a combination of linen products including bed sheets, table linen, along with bath and beach towels. Let us take care of the food stained tablecloths and the towels filled with beach sand from each property. Rest assured that Quality Guest Linens will return each item in pristine condition and ready for use by the next guest. We work closely with your staff to manage the property par levels and restock in a timely manner.


The amount of vacation rental linen that needs to be on hand depends on the size of the property. Typically enough bedding to change maybe once during a weeklong stay. The level of towels will also vary depending on the number of people who will sleep in the rental. In addition, towels for the beach or the pool must also be on hand.

This adds up to a full load of linen that must be cleaned quickly ; especially if wet towels are involved. Owners of rental properties may find contracting with a company like Quality Guest Linen the perfect solution to handle the load.

Guests want fresh linen at their fingertips without worrying about how often if it will be replenished during their stay. It seems like a little thing, but the volume and quality of vacation rental linen can be a deal breaker in the overall guest experience. They remember how luxurious the bath towels were and the crisp sheets on the bed during a restful night of sleep.

Each of these areas factor in when rating the overall trip. The big wow factor items to the less notable all get points. Yes, nice handtowels, an inviting blanket or big beach towels factor into a rating. So assess your vacation rental linen and identify areas for improvement. Quality Guest Linen can consult with property staff to customize a laundry cleaning schedule and linen lease options as solutions.


Attention to detail is critical when dealing with vacation rental linens. We review each linen item for quality control before returning it to the property for use.

Let us know if you need an overall product evaluation of your rental property linens or recommendations for suppliers. We are dedicated to ensure that the linens presented to your guests are of superior quality at all times.


Quality Guest Linen recently expanded to a state-of-the-art facility in Fort Myers to better serve clients in the region. Linen services include vacation rentals, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and hotels. The company is managed by professionals trained in the hospitality industry who are committed to service excellence. Our staff has decades of expertise in the industry and understands the needs of guests and what they value most.